Leotie Lune

Handmade Jewelry and Dream Catchers by Hannah Lucille

Leotie is a female Native name meaning "Prairie Flower". Lune is in reference to the moon that hangs above when we rest our heads to dream. I have decided to marry these two words for their meaning and also as a reminder to myself to continue to grow and evolve in my art and in my dreams,always.

"I am a believer of manifestation; Crystals, to me, are an aid in understanding, manifesting, and grounding myself. They hold a power I can feel and for that I am thankful." -Hannah Lucille


Creating Dream Catchers began as a way for me to pay homage to my Native American heritage and quickly become a form of meditation and healing for me. Creating beautiful wall-hangings, along with handmade jewelry, is my passion. I use all natural stones, gems, and crystals. I hope that my creations will inspire, heal, and beauitfy the lives of those who purchase them.